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Fix Thingz, a top best quality appliance repairing and maintenance service. We are calling upon the Kansas city dwellers and the local Lee Summit to bring unworking washer machines for quality repair and maintenance.
The washer is an essential home appliance that ensures the general family is clean and neat in terms of clothing. That is why we at Fix Thingz guarantee you quality washer repair and maintenance service plans give us a call today at 816-775-0033.

Who Are We?

A Team of Full-Reliable SERVICE Professionals for Home Appliance repair and commercial appliance service.

Our working schedule is open all week due to our maximum skilled manpower and expertise on standby, ready to wait for your call requests. We also install, diagnose, and maintain washers at your resident homes to reduce your burden of transport costs and expenses.


Common Problems of Dryers

  • The dryer does not run
    This is the most common problem related to dryers. When the dryer fails to function, check on the power outlet or switch power system if it is well connected or installed.
  • The dryer running then immediately shuts up
    It is not usual for the dryer to start running and then immediately shut off. These problems are always a result of the thermostat or too much heating of the thermal resistor.
    Use a voltmeter to diagnose the higher temperature limit of your dryer, temperature sensor, and cycling. These conditions result in thermal fuse heating getting cut off.
  • Dryer heating too much
    If the dryer heats to its maximum limit, it may result in more hazardous situations. These problems are caused by too much accumulation of dust and debris in the vent parts of the dryer. Use a vacuum cleaner to spray out the dust particles and debris from the dryer.
  • Dryer making too much noise or vibrating
    A dryer may make too much noise or vibrate while working due to its unbalanced state. Make sure the dryer is balanced horizontally on the floor surface. Some of our current modern dryers have features that reduce the level of noise produced during functioning.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Diagnosed the problem in 10 minutes, had the part on hand. Professional and friendly service. Would highly recommend this company...
John Thomas
I have used Unus for several years and every time he was very professional and promp. There is no better repairman for Samsung, LG appliances than unus. He always works clean and very fair price. I would Highly recommend him and this company to anyone needing repair
Unus was very professional and polite. He cleaned the burners and got it working very quick. I recommend this company
Mamie Haddock


Fix Things gained a wide range of experience through dealing with dryer repair and maintenance services. Here we have different FAQs for you to learn more on dryer appliances.

Does a dryer consume a lot of electricity when it is on?

A dryer consumes about 1800-5000 watts per hour when in use. At Fix Things, we advise dryer users to fill the dryer with clothes to the maximum capacity before running the dryers to enhance the less expensive cost of electricity.

How long does a dryer dry a full load of clothing after washing?

The level at which clothes dries in the dryer depends on the moisture content that is left in the cloth while washing. If they remain with less moisture, then drying is faster and vice versa—also, the movement of the drum during the clothes drying process. The drum moves in a reverse direction to enhance faster and evenly drying of the clothes.

What is the sensor dry feature?

The sensor dry features of a dryer are three in number as follows. 1. Extra dry features are used for drying more thick garments like jeans and sweaters. 2. The normal dry feature is used for drying regular garments like t-shirts. 3. The iron dry feature is used for drying garments that can be ironed.

How does the condenser dryer work if we do not have to install a ducting hose?

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How can we help you?

The washer is an essential home appliance that ensures the general family is clean and neat in terms of clothing.

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